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Innovation beyond Machine Vision….

Machine Vision Solutions

Zoomic develops state-of-the-art Automated Vision Inspection (AVI) solution for visual quality control in manufacturing processes. We offer customers a complete design and integration service for developing vision solutions.

AVI is now a necessity and key process of quality assurance. It is able to verify 100% of product quality and easily track the critical quality parameters for every product leaving the factory.

We can offer a complete integration service for your machine vision applications with the following:
  • Complete design of your vision test application, from initial concept drawings through complete system overview.
• Develop and fabrication of your vision solution.
• Integration of the vision application with other test requirements and control systems.
• Commissioning of the system on your side including trial run with other production equipment.
Since 2000, Zoomic has developed inspection applications for the following markets:-
  • Data Storage
• Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems
• Semiconductor
• Wafer Bumping
• Medical (In progress)
The AVI system includes detection of:
  • Missing/incorrect/incomplete components
• Misalignment or wrong orientation of components
• Surface contamination or scratches, incomplete plating
• Defective placement of electronics components and soldering defects
TBenefits of Zoomic's AVI System:

Generally, Zoomic's AVI solutions provide the following benefits:
  • Savings on manual inspection
• Savings on repair costs
• Reduction in product failures through better product quality
• Shorten quality inspection process hence getting products to market faster
• Increase through put and improve product cycle time, hence increase productivity
• Improve tracking of each product and process as the images and test results could be stored for future references.
• Huge cost savings in the long run. (Eliminate rejection that caused by wrong human judgments)
• Fast programming time.
• Good ROI (Return on Investment)